What is the Pretty Girls Club?

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What happened at the shop?

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PGC "Grand Opening"

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Pretty Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

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Don't Come For Us

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"Don't Come For Us (second clip)"

Clip from episode#2



Episode 1 "Welcome to the PRETTY GIRLS CLUB" "

The Pretty Girls Club welcome YOU into their world, reminding YOU that they like to start how they finish. So don't come if YOU have no intensions on staying.

Episode 2 "Don't Come for US"

Success brings confusion from all directions. The Pretty Girls Club must learn quickly how to separate the real from the fake and protect their businesses.

Episode 3 "Separate the Business from Friendship"

The Pretty Girls Club is challenged daily with the task of separating business from friendship. Watch how they're able to balance them both; without one taking advantage of the other.

Episode 4 "All Money Ain't Good Money"

Pretty on the outside and inside, The Pretty Girls Club have to use their business minds and be real selective of who they allow in their circle.

Episode 5 "Pretty Is What Pretty Does"

The Pretty Girls Club demonstrate the importance of doing good works and looking good doing it. Just looking Pretty is not enough, if others can't also reap the benefits.

Episode 6 "Give Us Something to Hate On First"

The Pretty Girls Club battle envious attacks from family, friends, co-workers, and their competitors.


Episode 7 "Boomerang"

The Pretty Girls Club bare witness to what goes around comes back around, and if you give it; you better be able to take it.

Episode 8 "It's All About That Work"

The Pretty Girls Club prove their success is not by accident. They show the hard work and long hours necessary to run a business. 

Episode 9 "Be Humble"

After the hard work has paid off, The Pretty Girls Club stress how it's mandatory to have a solid spiritual foundation, good friends, and a giving heart to keep moving forward. 

Episode 10 "QUEENDOM"

The Pretty Girls Club show their DOMINANCE over their personal and professional endevors.         


Name mentions $50 - $100